Dynamic Registration

Version 3.0 (Current Version)

What this API does

To start interacting with CYBG via our Open Banking APIs, register with Open Banking and then use the Dynamic Registration endpoint for each brand.*

This API allows you to be given authorisation credentials to be used to call the Token endpoint.

*For the purposes of testing, our sandbox is a single registration.

This endpoint allows you to retrieve details of the urls required to interact with us (e.g Dynamic Registration).

This endpoint allows you to register with the bank. Pass in the required details to allow yourself to be validated by CYBG. Assuming you pass this validation step, you will then be provided with Client Credentials and a Client Secret.

The request will support JWT as a body/request payload. For the structure of the request JWT, please refer to Open Banking. 

Having trouble?

Contact our dedicated team members via our ticketing system or via our support mailbox, OpenBankingResponse@cybg.com

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